GitLab for Jira Integration Issue: "Failed to sign in to GitLab" Error Despite Successful OAuth Flow

I am experiencing an issue while setting up GitLab for Jira integration with my self-managed GitLab account. I have followed all the steps provided in the documentation (GitLab for Jira Cloud app | GitLab), and I am able to sign in to GitLab during the OAuth flow. However, when the flow returns to Jira, I encounter an error message stating “Failed to sign in to GitLab.”

Interestingly, despite the error message, I can add namespaces, and the header shows that I am signed in to GitLab as correct account. When I refresh the page, I am prompted to sign in to GitLab again.

Screenshot 2023-03-29 112350.png

I have tried troubleshooting the issue by checking my account settings and making sure the integration settings are configured correctly, but I am still encountering this problem. I am seeking guidance from the community on how to resolve this issue or any suggestions for further troubleshooting steps.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!