GitLab Geo replication changes users ids for all postgresdata on secondary to root

I try to connect a geo-secondary to a geo-primary. All the steps from the docu are working fine

  • configure primary
  • setup secondary
  • configure secondary

until I start the replication. the replication starts fine with some console output

 Moving old data directory to '/var/opt/gitlab/postgresql/data.1634477020'
* Starting base backup as the replicator user (gitlab_replicator)
pg_basebackup: initiating base backup, waiting for checkpoint to complete
pg_basebackup: checkpoint completed
pg_basebackup: write-ahead log start point: 38/61000028 on timeline 1
pg_basebackup: starting background WAL receiver
       0/25029747 kB (0%), 0/1 tablespace (...lab/postgresql/data/backup_label)
     553/25029747 kB (0%), 0/1 tablespace (...b/postgresql/data/global/2396_vm)
    7143/25029747 kB (0%), 0/1 tablespace (.../postgresql/data/base/23396/2608)

until this moment all files under /var/opt/gitlab/postresql/data have the owner gitlab-psql … As you see in the console output : then comes the backup and after the backup completed the postgresq/data dir will be removed.
The new created data dir has the permissions root/root .… not good ;-( this results later in

2021-10-17_16:35:33.08165 postgres: could not access the server configuration file "/var/opt/gitlab/postgresql/data/postgresql.conf": Permission denied```

why this data dir will be created with root/root permissions?

thx in advandce