Gitlab GEO - Return of Experiences

Hi Guys

I’m about to deploy Gitlab GEO, with three nodes (two secondary nodes). As is, because of HA & Gitlab GEO, I get about 10 machines involved per node; those machines are VM. And I’m not much confident about the time I’ll have to spend on administrating this. I guess it could be easier if I was using K8S, but I had not time enough to set it up, train OPS teams

Gitlab GUI is still poor for admins, managing replications of data, and no always reliable. Some behaviors are a bit fritghtening with huge dataset (if you downgrade an instance, because an upgrade failed, you seem to be compelled to have to whole replication to be restarted…)I’m a bit puzzled. This all has been setup to meet with some disaster recovery plans, but really, I’m wondering whether we did choose the best solution for this.

Have some of you experienced the deployement of Gitlab GEO features on premise? What are your feedbacks? What are your advice?