GitLab group limitations

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Does maintaining multiple large groups [ groups with members 2000 and less] effect gitlab performance in anyway? Can we handle by doing any configuration changes on database side? We are thinking of to maintain multiple large groups for each team and on enterprise wide we will end of having so many large groups. I know this is an unusual process but this process helps our team structure and development process and we are curious to know whether it is possible or not. So is there any way we can handle these big groups without limiting the performance?

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Hi prash.ds9,

Yes, you can manage a large group with a 2000 members, but is not possible if you using MySQL as an external database due to the performance reasons(GitLab version 9.3).

you can follow the bellow link for more information:

Please feel free and revert back if you have any query, I hope the above step will help you.


Hi Akhilesh , @akhilesh.s

Thanks for your response. Yes, we are using MySql as external database for GitLab servers. Recently we have seen a issue with related huge groups [ with members almost 1700 as of now this could reach 2000].
We have two huge groups AB and CD with members 1700 and 800 members in it. Our teams use group/sub group concept for their development process. Let me explain in detail.

Team : Group structure looks like, Main group XY, Subgroup YZ and under the sub group they have lot of projects. They want to share these projects to large groups whenever needed. So they took a project and shared with AB and CD large groups. When they did that it was shared without any issue for 800 members group. But, when they shared with 1600 members group our instance stopped responding for a while [ more than a minute or so] with 500 error and its kind ON/OFF situation gitlab page is coming back and going again into 500 error. I have checked log file and seen this below error ,

Started POST “/api/v3/groups/eg-dt-esw-agency-employees/members” for at 2018-03-08 11:00:09 -0600

Mysql2::Error (User paramm already has more than ‘max_user_connections’ active connections):
lib/gitlab/request_context.rb:18:in `call’

So I am thinking this will be fixed when we increase the max_user_connection value. But now our leader groups want to use these type of large main groups for every team. That means we will be end of having lots of 2000 member groups.
We are using version - GitLab Community Edition 9.1.2
Do you think this is something we can handle without comprising any performance and errors ?

Hi Akhilesh,

Any suggestions for explained scenario earlier ?


Hi Ershad, I am adding you to this loop. Can you help ? Do you think we can handle big groups as explained in my scenario? If you know anyone who can also direct us with this issue , can you add it here?

Thank you