GitLab html & jpg conflict and 404 error

When I transferred the operational web page (based on the HTML files), which smoothly operated within GitLab, under the official domain name hosted on GitLab, I was faced with a strange behavior. Some HTML files did not function as expected, and in one case, error 404 was reported. This was a real nightmare to me since I am not a professional programmer, and I am also a novice in the GitLab community. I spent a lot of time debugging until I found a trivial solution, which might be obvious to the web page programmers. Since searching the web I could not find the solution, I now hope that this findings will be useful to other programmers facing similar problems.

All my HTML files, as well as jpg pictures, were placed into the public folder. I found out that the pictures are not displayed when a picture name matches the name of calling HTML file:

Code from BarGraf.html file:
background-image: url(‘’) ;

When I renamed the picture to BBarGraf.jpg and changed it name in the URL link, the picture appeared on the web page in the same way as it appeared when the page was not under the domain name yet.

The error 404 was reported since the HTML extension in the calling HTML file was written in the lower case,

  • Bar Graph
  • …..... while in the public folder, it was written in the upper case as BarGraf.HTML. It is evident that the construction of the web page under the domain name is case sensitive.

    BR, Gorazd

It looks like that gitlab massage interpreter converted html syntax which was between

to blue text Bar Graf. It should stand
href=“BarGraf.html”> Bar Graph