GitLab ignores cherry-picked commits

I just cherry-picked two commits into one of my branches and pushed to GitLab. The changes show up in the graph but not in the repo or the commit history. No idea what’s going on there?! Maybe you do? :blush:


This is a rather new repository hosting software that was not under version control before. I use branches as well as the release functionality of GitLab to track release versions. Now I have branches and tags with the same name (v2.22, v2.23 and v2.24). I just learned that the identical names for branches and tags are bad.

What I did:

git pull --all
git checkout v2.24
git cherry-pick 5468b2bd
# resolved a conflict with the Atom text editor
git add
git cherry-pick --continue
git cherry-pick 3dd3dc63
git push


The first few are as expected:

  • The local directory includes the files added by the cherry-picked commits when pointed to the v2.24 or main branch but not when pointed to v2.22 or v2.23.
  • In GitLab, I get a message saying “You pushed to v2.24 X minutes ago.” with a button that says “Create Merge Request”
  • The v2.24 branch is now listed at the top of the branches, indicating that it is the newest.
  • The graph includes the new commits from today August 11:


  • The new files don’t show up in the repository. (yes, I have the branch v2.24 selected.)
  • The new commits don’t show up in the commit history of branch v2.24:

Does anyone know what’s going on there?

  • How can I fix this?
  • How can I avoid this in the future? Will this not happen if I give my Releases other tags such as v2.25_?