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I’m trying to add a bot to upgrade automatically dependencies, Looks like they require a Group Access Token.

When I’m going to the group access token section it’s said " Group access token creation is disabled in this group. You can still use and manage existing tokens. [LeYou can enable group access token creation"

When I’m going to Group > General setting > Permissions and group features > Permissions, there is not checkbox " Users can create project access tokens and group access tokens in this group ."

What I’m doing wrong ? there documentation say

And I have

Let me know if you have a solution for me!



Hi @BenjaminBeguin :wave: ,

On SaaS, Group access tokens are only available if you have Premium license tier or higher. (source). Sorry for any confusion.

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Sorry for reviving this topic. I had the same issue und would like to make a suggestions here.

This part of the documentation should state that enabling group access tokens is a premium or self hosting feature only. As the Gitlab documentation usually does.