Gitlab in Docker through Plesk - Wrong domain

Hi all!

I am running Gitlab via Docker in Plesk. Problem is that all my URLs of projects have some kind of alpha-numeric string where the domain-name should be!


In Docker-Plesk extension I can provide environment-variables (which have to be all CAPS). I think these variables are different from the actual Docker-image variables?

I think I have to set the ‘external_url’ variable in the gitlab.rb to the right domain. I tried this in the phsycial files: I have mapped the “/etc/gitlab” (in the docker image) to “/data/gitlab/etc/gitlab” (on the physical file system). I then changed the external_url parameter in the mapped “/data/gitlab/etc/gitlab” (physical filesystem). I then restarted the Docker-image and even recreated it, with no results. Note that the file “/data/gitlab/etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb” still has the right external_url after recreating the Docker image.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance :smiley: