Gitlab In Jira integration


I would like to use the Gitlab in Jira integration.

During configuration in Jira, the gitlab group is proposed, but it’s impossible to link it. An error occurs: “The Jira user is not a site administrator. Check the permissions in Jira and try again.”

So I went to the page to check the permissions and add the site-admins right as described in the ticket.

But the site-admins groups is not longer available on Jira because Atlassian recentlade a change that introduces Org Admin group instead of the transitional Site-admin to avoid Org Admins admin access to all site contents.

The linked Jira issue is Gitlab integration.

But the errors seems relevant to the gitlab plugin maintened by Gitlab.

Finally, the integration is not done
What should I do?


Org admins can elect site admins, according to the Atlassian docs. (This is linked from the GitLab for Jira cloud app docs). Jira integration not working after upgrade to 16.x (#420291) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab might be related to your problem, suggest reviewing and commenting in case.