Gitlab-Insights install

So we are running our Gitlab Instance in a docker container.
We would like to integrate GitLab Insights to our running GitLab instance.

So how is it possible to install or configurate GitLab Insights in our GitLab ?

Kind regards and many thanks

Hi @michael3! Welcome to the GitLab Community forum!

Insights are usually configured using a YAML file called .gitlab/insights.yml within a project. That file will then be used in the Insights page. Insights is available at both the project and group level.

See Writing your .gitlab/insights.yml for details on how to customize the insights shown to your specific needs and use case.

Insights were introduced in GitLab Ultimate for GitLab version 12.0 and newer. At this time, it appears the Insights feature is only available for GitLab Ultimate (EE). If you’re not using a licensed version of GitLab, you can test out all the Ultimate features with a free 30-day trial.