GitLab Insights.yml error

I created a basic .gitlab/insights.yml file to test it’s functionality for customizing charts. I used a basic configuration following the instructions in the GitLab documentation. However, I keep getting a “500” Error code saying something went wrong on “our end.” Any ideas what the issue could be? I’m guessing there is somthing wrong with the configuration I setup, as I am pretty novice at this. I’ve tried this configuration in two of our projects with the same result. Have not tried it in a Group.

Using GitLab version 15.2, I believe self-managed version.

The insights.yml configuration is below:

title: “Charts for Plan”
- title: “Monthly estimated vs actual hours charts”
description: “Charts to show results per Release for actual vs planned hours”
type: stacked-bar
data_source: issuables
issuable_type: issue
issuable_state: open
- in-progress
group_by: week
period_limit: 4

Appreciate any help.