GITLAB integration with Active Directory

I did my first installation of Gitlab (12.10.3)
I need to integrate it with an Active Directory (windows server 2012 r2).

I made the following configuration:

but it’s not working. What would I have done wrong?
note: Windows Server has the windows firewall disabled.

On our server, we set bind_dn: in the format Do you get any errors in any of the logs that could help out.

Hello. I managed to solve this first part.
integration worked.

my question now is … can I configure more than 1 base?

Say I have users in 2 OU’s.
TEST-GITLAB (already configured)
how do I set up 2 user bases?

We don’t specify an OU. We just use DC=example,DC=co,DC=uk as that will then allow any domain users access to our server with out limiting to an OU.