GitLab introduces user limits for Free users on SaaS

As per the blog post, not until 2022-10-19


Sorry guys, we are moving out today from GitLab. For sure, we were willing to pay for it, but the current price point is 400% more than the other players in the field like GitHub and Azure DevOps. We are looking with our team to a 5k figure a year. That is really, really too much.

I am sorry it is going like this. We are really helped by GitLab for a long time for free. Thank you guys! Again we were willing to pay, but a reasonable price please.


Well, as per the current documentation (Free user limit | GitLab), it’s probably still rolling out, but … does anybody see it enforced? (I just doubt this change stands up, but I kinda’ hope it’s not … a fiasco)

Nope: can’t see any changes yet

When will the changes roll out ? I really need to know what is forbidden now. Right now it seems like I can still get the .git, access Gitlab Issues, add new members, etc.
Does anybody know the exact list of features that will be forbidden ? If we will still get access to the .git ? Thanks !

We intend to roll out the application of these limits gradually and impacted users will be notified in-app at least 60 days prior to the user limits being applied.

If you have not yet received a notification, you have at least 60 days until you will see any impact related to this change.

Hi @olivan141, the 5-user limit will only be applied to private group namespaces. Personal namespaces are by design public, and therefore the 5-user limit will not be applied to your personal projects that contain more than5 users.

Really, really sad. :sleepy: This will kill GitLab. I can no longer advise other people to use GitLab “as it is the best alternative for any other platform” with such limitations.
I’m still hoping that GitLab will reverse this limitation. :expressionless:

I only received an in-app message today. I never even heard of this before, no emails or anything, so this came as a surprise.
We have 4 devs, but an additional 6 people who should be able to open issues. I understand that they count as members as well?
We are a small startup that hasn’t launched yet. We simply can’t afford an additional $2200 a year. Furthermore, we don’t use anything from the paid tier, so it would be very difficult to justify the expense.


Today I saw the first effect (in the past I did receive an email about this change - I think it was 60 days before the announced enforcement).
Finally, today we’ve received a(nother) warning. Shown in the usage quotas settings page, it said that the 5 user limit will be enforced in the future.
(Our situation is more convoluted as these notifications concern different groups - my employer’s and our clients’)

Hmm, as a subjective feedback, I guess I’d have to thank gitlab’s competition in the market.
So, thanks and all the best wishes.

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Hello. I first saw the warning in the UI at the start of this week.

Unfortunately it was the first I had heard about this change - I had received no email from GitLab. The warning in the “UI” says that the namespace will be marked as read-only “soon”. Please could you provide more feedback on how soon? Because GitLab has no Starter/Basic/Cheap option, we will have to migrate away from GitLab, so we need to know how long we have to do that.



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Dear GitLab,

I was very surprised to see the warning about the 5 user limit.
This restriction will be the deal breaker for us.
At the beginning GitLab was hungry to get users, but soon we could see the direction of the (greedy) business, imposing limitations and restrictions for free tiers.

It’s hard to buy statements like “it was not an easy decision”, because with this move, you didn’t show any understanding for the small dev groups. The actual message is “We don’t really care about free tiers, and we’ll continue to push to convert them to paid tiers or we’ll get rid of them”.

Sorry, but I’m very disappointed with this move and enforcing the 5 user limit will drive us away.

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Just an update to my original message. I have discovered that I can ‘bypass’ this limit, by setting the top-level namespace to Public. This is an acceptable change for us - all the subgroups are private, so the only information we are publishing is (1) the fact we exist (2) the top-level usernames (only two).

How long until GitLab removes that option, though?

If you have to move projects from a top-level group to a subgroup, this will change the URL of the projects though.

That’s in the FAQ:

For public groups it’s possible to hide top-level users too, if you use instead a subgroup with the same members and give that subgroup access to the top-level group. A little bit of care is necessary especially when removing the top-level users

… but, yeah, for how long … (and maybe others too remember the quite recent history about the plan to … delete dormant projects for free accounts …)

For a while I was thinking that enough paying customers share users between their top-level groups making this change simply a no go … well, without multiplying the cost of such users … but …

Similarly, I have spent the past 5 years championing GitLab to a non-profit of about 40 staff. All non-technical users except for 2 devs and dev consultants on projects we get funding for. The staff I have gotten to accept and use GitLab use it almost exclusively for reporting issues, and need to have access to the projects. Managers need to have access to these as well. The issue boards are a great feature that help bring non-technical users into using this workflow rather than just firing off emails. Really hoping to find a solution that allows these users to keep reporting issues and seeing progress.

So you think $19/mo/user is too high? Will go up to $29/mo/user … Gitlab missed earnings

What do you guys think will happen when they miss earnings again? $49, $59, $69, $79, $89, $99 … that will do it :slight_smile: If you have any experience with pricing analysis, you will find out that the math works out so that the decision will always lean towards taking the price increase and risk losing “some” customers. You will almost always come out ahead by taking the price increase and be able to absorb “X” customer loss

Wondering how Github can keep their $5/mo/user plan? Maybe Microsoft is eating it or is Github just run more efficiently? Maybe this is the price for a fully remote company, the cost of operating it is just higher?

Our group is of 5 users exact but our group now was turned into a readonly? If the user limit is <= 5 then why ours is readonly?