GitLab is not remembering my preferences

My organization is currently using GitLab Enterprise Edition 13.12.15-ee. For quite a while, I’ve had problems with GitLab not remembering my preferences for the sidebars (always collapsed) and diff views (always side-by-side). Whenever I remember to check, both the sidebar_collapsed and collapsed_gutter cookies are set to true. I’m using Firefox (currently 96.0.2). What can I do to make GitLab respect and remember my preferences??

Last weekend we upgraded to 14.0.12-ee. For the first few days this behavior was gone, but now it’s back again.

Sounds like a cookie problem with settings being blocked in Firefox. Since there is nothing under User Preferences in Gitlab that means it must be because of cookies.

Yeah they’re set by cookies. I can see them in the developer tools, so it seems that they are getting set, but the values are often reverting to the defaults.

Are the firefox settings set to standard, strict or custom under enhanced protection?