GitLab is not sending emails to new users

Hi everyone,

I can’t get gitlab to send the confirmation mail to new users. I have tried sendmail and smtp as delivery methods. Both seem to be doing nothing at all. I’m using postfix, which is definetly working. Sending mails using telnet as the git user works. Using sendmail as the git user works aswell. It’s all one one machine, running archlinux.

When creating a new user, nothing appears in any logs i checked (postfix, production, sidekiq, application, unicorn) that’s related to mails. That makes me think it is not the email settings that are wrong, but something else prevents gitlab from even trying to send the mail.

Sidekiq is running and recognized by gitlab. It says 0 of 25 busy. There are no jobs displayed in the lower box on the /admin/background_jobs site, though. Is that normal or should there be 25 idle processes or something?

The gitlab rake checks all pass, apart from the init script test, but thats due to archlinux using systemd. These are the versions im using:

GitLab: 8.0.1
GitLab Shell: 2.6.5
GitLab API: v3
Ruby: 2.2.3p173
Rails: 4.1.12

Let me know if you need any additional information.


Got it working :smile:
I adapted my systemd init scripts to the init scripts provided by gitlab. They didn’t call bin/background_jobs start/stop, but called sidekiq directly. Maybe that’s got something to do with it. Also, I updated to 8.0.2.

I will create a MR with the scripts as the provided ones are outdated.