Gitlab is selling their business to a China company

Gitlab is selling its business to a China company called “JiHu” ? I am from Hong Kong and using for free, will GitLab transfer my code to JiHu?

I don’t want my code to be accessed by a company from a dictatorship country, what can i do now?

reference: JiHu FAQ | GitLab

That’s not what it says. It has licensed technology to make a different version of Gitlab for the Chinese community.

What it does say:

so you can still use Gitlab CE on your own server, you are not forced to use Gitlab JH. If you currently use EE, then you would have to either move to CE or transition to JH. So there will be and, obviously with running the JH version. Assuming doesn’t get blocked from inside China, then it shouldn’t be an issue.


Thanks for clarifying and I am glad I read this entire post too.

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