Gitlab Issue button is not forwarding to reverse proxy and shows Real IP

We have configured nginx reverse proxy in gitlab.
Consider - nginx url as nginx_URL
- gitlab url as gitlab_URL/gitlab.

  • When we try to access GitLab via reverse proxy nginx_URL/gitlab it servers gitlab (running on gitlab_URL/gitlab) .

  • On using gitlab via reverse proxy, some buttons like New issue button attached on screenshot below, Redirects to Real IP of gitlab instead of serving behind Reverse Proxy.

The button highlighted below forwards to REAL URL of gitlab instead of nginx URL.
All other buttons except this and some asserts, works fine and responses on nginx ip and not forwarding to REAL IP.

  • on inspecting the button it is found that on href it is calling realip instead of nginx ip.
    We want to forward to nginx ip since it is on reverse proxy

GitLab assets appearing broken after moving to a relative URL configuration (like missing images or unresponsive components)

The Problem has been resolved using DNS.
The external URL has been Modified with DNS.