GitLab Issues csv import

New to Gitlab Issues - our project is moving from a private Jira instance to GitLab issues - I cannot link the Jira so I have to export our current issues and import into GitLab - I’ve done a sample and it worked well. HOWEVER, GitLab import only allows me to import the title and description fields. I have exported numerous issues types from Jira (Epic, Task, Sub-Task, Story, etc.) - am I really only limited to importing the title and description?

If so, this will require an enormous amount of manual updates. I’m already assuming I’ll have to relink everything once I get it into GitLab. Any help/documentation would be appreciated in importing add’l Jira fields (Status, Issue Type, etc.)

Did you make any progress with this?

I’m migrating from a bespoke/in-house system and building a “tool” to import tickets → issues including assignee, labels, status, creator, closer, notes, attachments (so far, may be more to add)… but it feels like i’m re-inventing the wheel and many organizations must have already built similar data migrations?

No progress at all. Can’t believe a solution isn’t out there.

Will you be using a free or paid GitLab plan?

I would be happy to try and help if at all possible.