Gitlab Jira Integration- Gitlab Merge request pipeline automation with Jira issue id for validation check


Hi Team,
I need one clarification to do this option or feature in Gitlab CI with JIRA issue while doing merge request.
For Example: pipeline with JIRA issue ID validation check. Pipeline fails if issue ID not in open in JIRA.

My Gitlab project should have multiple branches to test each condition:

  • merge with no ID
  • merge with ID not in “In Progress” or “Done” state
  • merge with ID in “In Progress” state

Hey, could you open an issue/feature proposal about that over at

Hi dsuemenkovic,
Raised the issue in the given portal Merge Request Pipeline JIRA ID validation as per JIRA ID valid or not and also ID should be in OPEN/INPROGRESS state to proceed Merge Request pipeline (#63032) · Issues · / GitLab FOSS · GitLab