GitLab Kubernetes Cluster Supported Version

Hi All,

We would like to deploy GitLab with Kubernetes cluster. When we check out the page Manage your Kubernetes clusters from GitLab for k8s cluster, the supported k8s cluster is till version 1.19 only. Since the latest k8s minor release is till 1.22 already, I wonder if we can deploy GitLab to k8s to our current environment of v1.20.9.

K8S Supported Version

Thank you in advance!

I have the same problem as Linode is going to remove support for 1.19 in October. I ask Gitlab support and they said

Currently Kubernetes version 1.20 is not yet supported. However support for version 1.20 is being actively discussed in the following epic/issue:

Based on the above links, it appears that support for Kubernetes 1.20 is tentatively scheduled for GitLab 14.3 which has a release date of September 22, 2021. We would encourage you to consider doing either (or both) of the following:

  • React to the issue with a thumbs up (or other) emoji to help us prioritize the issue.
  • Turn on notifications to receive latest updates via email by enabling the Notifications toggle in the sidebar.

Prioritization and scheduling will be up to the relevant product manager. If you have any questions, we highly recommend asking on the issue itself as it’s your direct communication line with our product and development teams.