Gitlab kubernetes runner ignores pull policy


I have a problem that the gitlab kubernetes runner is ignoring pull policy, that I’ve defined in the helm values.

My values.yaml:

secret: gitlab-runner-secret
imagePullPolicy: “always”
config: |
image_pull_secrets = [“docker-pull-secret”]
pull_policy = “always”

Now, I have a job:

image: myrepo:helper-images/myimage:somedevtag

When I publish new version of myimage:somedevtag, the jobs run by the kubernetes runner are using the old version of the images. I need to go to all nodes and do image prune, first then I get the actualised images.

What I’m doing wrong? The standalone gitlab runners were always pulling the images, and we often get some bugs that need fixing.

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+1 We have the same issue

can you please post what’s the value in the config.toml? Also what version of Helm chart and GitLab Runner do you have?


Which config.toml do you mean? That of my gitlab server?

config.toml of your GitLab Runner as it was generated by the Helm Chart.

We have the same problem. But I think its not only ignoring the image_pull_secrets settings.

Our Runner is configured with an internal DNS. If I join the helm chart generated Gitlab-Runner on its bash, a ping to our machines over dns-names work fine over internal way. Since our DNS provides this data.

But If I start a Job which should pull a docker image from our internal registry like registry.intern.loc it could not resolve this. And so it can’t pull.

    image = "ubuntu:16.04"
    dns_policy = "none"
      nameservers = [
  config.toml: |
concurrent = 10
check_interval = 30
log_level = "info"
listen_address = ':9252'

config.template.toml: |
image_pull_secrets = [“docker-hub-ringler-ch”]
pull_policy = “always”

when the job pod is created you can check what is the imagePullPolicy for it.

If it is not “Always” I would raise a bug in GitLab Runner issue tracker