GitLab launched from Google Marketplace - which IP should return the application frontpage?


I’ve launched a GitLab on Kubernetes from Google Cloud Marketplace:

I’m now seeing 12 Kubernetes services on my Google Cloud portal and I’m trying to find the address to the GitLab login page. There’s e.g. an Ingress service named “-unicorn” with a Load balancer IP but this returns “default backend - 404” to the browser (via http and https).

Which IP in the Kubernetes cluster should return the GitLab frontpage?

Any update on this? I am experiencing the same thing. Retrieving the IP in the way specified after deployment yielded the load balancers IP as expected (ie. " kubectl get --namespace default ing gitlab-unicorn -o jsonpath='{.status.loadBalancer.ingress[0].ip}').
Navigating to this IP gives “default backend - 404”. I noticed when using https that i am getting the load balancers self signed certificate but still returning “default backend - 404”. All services, vm’s and application components report to be installed and running ok. Thus i assume an internal route is broken. Have not found any logs that help me isolate the problem further, any help would be awesome!