Gitlab login problem - Unknown sign-in from new location

Hello community,

I am recently getting the following email notification from gitlab after each login:

Hi xxx!

A sign-in to your account has been made from the following IP address: 2a02:8070:87c4:4300:e9c5:5c23:6c65:d515.

If you recently signed in and recognize the IP address, you may disregard this email. If you did not recently sign in, you should immediately change your password. Passwords should be unique and not used for any other sites or services.

I have already changed my password and activated two factor authentication using Google Authenticator on my mobile phone!

Interestingly the ipv6 address reported in email is my machine ip address!
Not sure what’s going wrong…

Thanks for your support!


GitLab 13.0 has been rolled out on already and includes a new feature to actively measure phishing attacks.

From the upcoming release blog post tomorrow:

Users will now receive an email notification when a sign-in using their credentials occurs from a new IP address or device. This new functionality helps users quickly identify potential malicious activity related to their accounts.

It may be the case that the IPv6 address changes for the last octets. However, this sounds like a problem with the IP address detection logic. Please create a new issue for for our support team! Thanks :slight_smile: