GitLab Maven Repository Group Level Endpoint not working

I have a group with two projects, and I wish to use the group level maven endpoint so that each project can reference one repository URL for the group instead of each project needing to know the specific project repositories.

However, I cannot seem to get it to work. I can build a library and push its artifact to the repository, and another project can find it with the project level maven endpoint. However, when I use the group level repository URL, replacing my-group with my group, the build fails because it “Could not find artifact”. Has anybody got this to work?


Same problem here. However, you can “see” your groups resource via a GET (but not when adding something like “/-” to that url. I also can not find anything about using group-packages in the packages API Probably a documentation / reality mismatch :wink:

A few hours later… I had an additional quirk because my group name contained a dot.
That work for e.g.:
GET (you still need to set the Private-Token header correctly, of course)
but does not work for reading an actual artifact, e.g.:

In the latter case it DOES work (from e.g. postman) if the dot in “io.somename” is escaped as “io%2Esomename”, like in:

But even that variant does again NOT work when maven tries to read from there. So, i think this boils down to different notions in different tool (and even different code paths in the same tool), which makes it hard to get straight.

What (till now) always seems to work is using the group id instead of its name, e.g. using
as maven repository url.I will live with that for now.

For anybody with the same problem, I was able to make it work with the group ID.


Cause I am still having problem with artifacts I upload on project level to get them on a group level.
Looks like it has something to do with the token, cause I can see artifacts via the URL which gradle is trying to pull them from.