Gitlab Omnibus Grafana version


we are trying to migrate from a Grafana 9.2.4 instance to the built-in GitLab Omnibus Grafana Dashboard Service. Unfortunately this Grafana version is currently at 7.5.16. Thus, some of the previously used panel types are not available (i.e. geomap).

Are there any plans to upgrade the omnibus package to Grafana 9? Is there a roadmap anywhere, possibly?

If there are no plans to upgrade in the near future, there might be another way. I tried to install a panel plugin to display a world map. Unfortunately, this didn’t work for me. I placed the unzipped contents of the worldmap plugin into /var/opt/gitlab/grafana/data/plugins/grafana-worldmap-panel, changed the owner to gitlab-prometheus, and ran sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure. But the plugin is not listed on /-/grafana/plugins. Did I miss anything? What is the correct way of installing a Grafana plugin in this setup?

Thanks in advance and best regards