Gitlab (Omnibus) stuck with the merge requests

We are running Gitlab 10.7.3 version (I know a bit older version) but its was running fine for us since last 2 years until last few days where the Merge request is not working.
When we merge the request from one branch to another, the message appears “This merge request is in the process of being merged” and it stuck there … After a while (10-15 mins), the request times out and the Merge Button becomes active again.

I looked at the Gitlab Adminstration -> Background Jobs tab but couldn’t find any issue there (see attached screensot)

. The monitoring status also shows Healthy.

Please assist.

Arun Gupta

I found that the sidekiq process in my screenshot above was in “stopping” status. Notice the text " [0 of 25 busy] stopping"
On restarting (Stop and Start) the Gitlab service, the sidekiq process was hung and I have to manually kill the process (Note: sending TTIN signal did not help i.e. kill -TTIN but kill -9 did help)

Issue resolved by following the step:

  1. Stop the Gitlab service (gitlab-ctl stop)
  2. Identify the sidekiq process id using command: ps -ef | grep -i ‘sidekiq’
  3. kill -9
  4. Start the Gitlab service (gitlab-ctl start)