Gitlab on Debian with Apache2 Webserver and relative url


I want to install GitLab on a Debian server and I want GitLab to use an existing Apache web server.
Additionally I want GitLab to run under a relative url e.g. “/gitlab”.

But while I want GitLab to run on e.g. I also want to use the standard Apache config to browse files located in /var/www/html/… and I am not really sure how to configure this.

I would really appreciate your help

  • LetsPeee

@LetsPeee You’ll want to check out the Omnibus documentation for configuring GitLab to use an external web server:

And review the Apache config recipes for GitLab:

First of all thanks for your answer.

Basically that’s exactly what I have done but whenever I want to access the gitlab web interface using my configured relative url the page shows the following: “Not found: “/user/sign_in”” or something like that

  • LetsPeee