GitLab Pages 401 for a custom domain

Problem to solve

I previously set up subdomains linked via CNAME records in GitLab Pages, including my blog, and I wanted to rename my blog to “cog”.

When I did this, perhaps foolishly I decided to simply rename the organisation and then the repo, although I now realise I needn’t have done this since all I needed to change was the CNAME…

Anyway, it didn’t work for some reason, and the URL gives a 401.

I saw this and put the repo/org names and CNAME file back to the original, and made a fresh repo.

I pointed the fresh repo at the new URL by changing the CNAME here (the old repo’s CNAME was re-deployed and no longer pointed there so I expected it to be free).

When I go to the URL now, it goes to rather than my website (

Is this just going to be a matter of waiting or have I messed up this domain beyond usability now? :frowning:

I suspect that perhaps there is some record being kept of what repos point to which CNAME records and there is a clash now between the old repo and the new one both pointing to this subdomain. I could be wrong but it would at least explain why this weird behaviour

Ah I worked it out I added a new CNAME but not a new TXT record… I suspect I need to do that for it to resolve! And also to add the domain in the settings !