Gitlab Pages: 404 for even the simplest setup


I’m experiencing this issue at the moment with, and, but loads fine. Obviously this is still an issue because my URLs all point to, but the strange part is that all of the CSS etc. is loading using (eg., but pages do not.

The first 2 domains had been associated with another repo previously, but not for a little while.

All domains are verified and have the same DNS configuration.



Yeah, that’s an issue with large Pages setups, so if you use, new Pages take 10-15 minutes to show up. Subsequent changes are almost instant though.



I’ve just encountered this again and like you said, googled “gitlab pages 404”. Then I saw that it was me that wrote the initial post. :joy:

I swear that your own thoughts have a half-life of about one month.

Thanks for reiterating that initial gitlab pages are slow to propagate. :slight_smile:



so, now do you have a good ideas for how to fix this 404 about gitlab, my email is, if you had solved it , please gave me a email ? thank you very much!!!