Gitlab Pages - Create a blog with comments

Is it possible to create a blog with comments in gitlab pages?

I have seen that it is possible to create a static site with blog UI but i would like users to be able to leave comments in posts i make. Is that possible? in case it is not, is it possible to do it with any other approach (gitlab service) ?

Thanks in advice

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Hi and welcome to the GitLab forum :slight_smile:

The short answer is yes, you can.

The extended answer will require you to do some more research: the way to add comments is dependent on the commenting platform that you choose, and not dependent of GitLab. There are multiple approaches to add a commenting system: Disqus is a popular choice, but there are others such as

I hope this gives you enough info to get started!


Thanks, i will be reading about it. I was thinking about something free and as simple as it can be. Read something about integrate posts as issues in gitlab but really dont know how to do it. lets see … thanks !