GitLab Pages - need to sign in to view Gitlab Pages deployed site

Hi all,

I’ve successfully set up GitLab Pages on my Personal project, and it works as expected with the exception of one thing - if I’m not logged into GitLab I’m not able to view the deployed site, and it displays the GitLab login form.

Does GitLab Pages require you to be logged in to GitLab in order to view the deployed site, or is there anonymous access setting somewhere that I’m missing?

Thanks in advance.


@neilmerton We recently enabled access control for Pages on so in the Settings -> General -> Visibility, project features, permissions section of your project you likely need to change Pages access control to Everyone and then wait ~30 minutes before checking the site again.

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@Tristan - Yup, that did the trick. Thanks.

Are changes like these announced publicly somewhere, and if so - where? Is there a RSS feed or similar I could subscribe to?

I just found this mentioned in this blog post, so I guess this RSS feed is the way to go, or subscribe to the newsletter on this page.

@plotshuffle That’s right, you got it. Changes like this are also usually included in our release posts though in this case access control was implemented a while ago, just not for until recently.