Gitlab Pages showing previews and redirecting to Gitlab sign-in?

I made a website in Gitlab Pages with plain html.

When I post it in Discord, I get this:

But when I posted it a different time, I got a correct preview here:

Now, I’m sure that something is strange about Discord’s preview fetching service, but that does not change the fact that Google shows that Gitlab is overriding my own meta tags and re-routing the preview to the Gitlab sign in page.

Notice how this tool automatically fetches the Gitlab sign-in page:

Notice that I’ve added my own meta tags and it still doesn’t change anything:

I’m at a loss for how I can get link previews to work correctly and not get overided by Gitlab sign-in pages.

Update: Clicking on in certain browsers like Chrome will actually re-direct me to a Gitlab sign in page!

What’s going on here?

I’m having the same issue. redirects to the login page. This behavior started about a week ago. Just tested in chrome, safari, and ff.

Edit: .gitlab-ci.yml file looks like this:

image: node:10

  PUBLIC_URL: /tbfoto

    - node_modules/

  - npm install
  - npm run-script build
  - rm -rf public
  - mv build public
    - public

    - /^v.*$/

submitted a regression issue:

It’ll probably get more attention if it gets upvoted, but I think you have to scroll all the way through the log output I posted to get to the buttons for commenting/upvoting.

(@trosel for noise)

Update: gitlab responded and closed the issue. Turns out this is a feature that has existed for a while, and some repos (or pages deployments?) created in July had a bug where they didn’t respect the setting. If you are like me, it was turned on by default when you created your project, so it was a bug that it wasn’t redirecting to the login page.

To fix it, go to your repo, Settings > General > Visibility, project features, permissions > Pages access control.

Turn it off, or change the visibility accordingly.

i dont know whether i should create new issue or not, but for me its related to redirection and sign-in.
When i refer a link from 1 page to another page and click on link it asks for signin.