Gitlab Pages with personal domain for pages on 11.1.4-ee


I’m trying to add Gitlab Pages to my Goitlab installation on

  1. has primary Ip of server .
  2. is a domain for Gitlab Pages .
  3. Install cerbot for create a wildcard certificates with Letsencrypt (*
  4. My domain has a wildcard * point to IP Gitlab Pages

Use GitLab Pages administration for configre with some variations

Edit /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

pages_external_url ""
nginx['listen_addresses'] = ['’].  
pages_nginx['enable'] = false
gitlab_pages['cert'] = "/etc/letsencrypt/live/”
gitlab_pages['cert_key'] = "/etc/letsencrypt/live/”
gitlab_pages['external_http'] = [''] 
gitlab_pages['external_https'] = ['']

Reconfigure gitlab-ctl reconfigure

If try get a valid cert but 4040 page (normal)

Go to blank project create (tips) and setup Project -> Settings --> Pages

Click “New Domain” and add

Get Domain * is restricted

What is my mistake?

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