GITLAB Password Available Configurations - From UI OR from gitlab config files i.e. gitlab.rb etc

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We want to enforce gitlab password guidelines. Pardon my ignorance, I have only found 1 configurable password option i.e. Length in Administration.

Can all below recommended password practices be applied/enforce/configurable in gitlab application via Interface OR in configuration files like gitlab rb etc.

GitLab Password Procedure | GitLab.

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Below password parameters needs to enforce, required to be configured in gitlab

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If you are using internal users within Gitlab, then length seems to be the only option, other than enforcing 2FA.

Otherwise, I think what you should be doing is using integrations like LDAP, Oauth, OpenID: Authentication | GitLab

See the integrations section on that link. The authentication integrations, like LDAP/Active Directory will let you fulfil the password complexity requirements, etc.

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Thanks for your kind feedback…

At the moment no integration is involved like LDAP/AD etc.

Can you please confirm if 2FA can be enabled without having authentication integrations?

Yes i use it without any integrations

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Thanks a lot @iwalker for your prompt response… Will give it a try…