GitLab Pipeline

Project Scenario

  • Repositories : Master → UAT → Dev_Master → Developer_<<Individual_Branch>> → Developer_Local_Copy
  • There are two developers A & B . One Tech Lead “C”
  • From Dev_Master , each developer has one copy Developer_A , Developer_B
  • Both A & B have the local copy in their system
  • After complete their user story, A checks-in to Developer_A | B checks-in to Developer_B
  • Upon completion, they notify the tech lead to merge code
  • Tech Lead reivew and merge the code into Dev_Master
  • QA begins testing after they get notify from tech lead

Existing Flow

  • Till now it is all managed manually
  • Now team wants to integrate devops flow


  • GitLab CICD Pipeline
  • Tech lead continue to review the work before approve to promote the code to dev_master


  • Developer A added a feature , unit tested and merged with Developer_A branch
  • I understand there is a way that tech lead gets notification on something is waiting for approval
  • He approves and merge code into Dev_Master
  • How does the tech lead knows if all the developers have completed their work and committed their changes in Developer_. Here tech lead does not know if B has something to checks-in in Developer_B. He has manually go and check with all developers that all of them have merged code into Dev_Master
  • Later, he merges code and promote code to QA
  • How does he automatically knows that all developer completed their job and pushed their code into developer_

Hi @anand_g
First of all I suggest to forget about the developer_ branches. Each feature or bug gets its own branch that can be deleted after it’s merged to Dev_Master. This branches are created from latest Dev_Master branch.
Second, you can use existing Project management features of GitLab to collaborate during development.
When developer is finished with his work, he will create the Merge Request from his bug/feature branch into Dev_Master. You can setup Merger Request approvals and other settings so Tech Lead gets notified when a new MR is raised.

Thanks much for the response. Let me give a try on project management in Gitlab