GitLab: Problem with webhooks for certain users

Hello all.
Recently we started in our company the integration between GitLab CE (8.11.3) and Youtrack (6.5 build 17031).
We created a single user to work as the bridge between both systems (a user that no one will log or use) and we assisgn it to our groups/projects as master (this user is also used by our CI tool, so he needs to commit on master branchs).
What we did:

  • We generated the token for this user
  • We put the token on Youtrack VCS Interation
  • We receive the ok validation for the access
    Here the problem starts:
  • We can’t see all the projects that specific group have

For example we have a group that have 12 projects inside and this user can only list 3 of them being master of the group. Using the token of an “older” user in the project, we can see 8 projects on Youtrack, and using the token of the user that “created” all the projects in the group we can see all the projects.

The worst is:

  • If we create a new project,all of them will see it
  • All the projects have the same rights/configuration
  • The difference between users is the date they were bound to the group

Any ideas if this is something with some “flag” that GitLab pust on its repositories that didn’t allow the webhook read it?

Thx for the help.

Have you considered looking at the gitlab configuration file to see what the role master can do? (need to find the roles configuration file, I did this once to lock down the roles)

(Im not an expert, just an idea)