Gitlab Projects Created with Invalid Hostname

I am using a personal gitlab instance with gitlab-ce. Whenever I create a project, then check the clone URL, it is always created with a Hostname that is not a valid hostname. For example, I created a project and this is the clone url: http://d339be9e4e38/gitlab-instance-1deffbba/packer-build.git. That host name is definitely not resolvable on the network so I can’t clone it anywhere. Why is it not using the hostname of the gitlab instance to create the clone url?

FYI, this is the first time I have set up my own self managed gitlab instance, so it’s a learning experience to for sure.

Check your /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb - specifically external_url - chances are you didn’t give it a FQDN (fully qualified domain name), so for example: or etc.

You will of course also need to make sure your DNS servers also resolve the entry that you put in external_url, so that all your computers can connect to it by this name.