Gitlab push_options and Jenkins CI

Okay so i have tried to migrate from [skip ci] in the commit messages to the push option to skip CI. We use jenkins as our build environment (Currently with an old git 2.10 plugin).
When i push either from my local dev machine (git for windows 2.31) of jenkins, i see a push event in the /services/jenkins/hook_logs of the jenkins ci integrations.

Unfortunately it contains “push_options”: {

I pushed with the following: git push --push-option ci.skip -o

I tried finding gitlab issues regarding this but seemed to have failed. I just upgraded from gitlab 13.2.0-ee.0 to 13.10.3-ee.0’ hoping this issue was somehow related: hooks: Go implementation breaks Push options (#3120) · Issues · / gitaly · GitLab

I don’t entirely know where to diagnose this. Am i pushing wrong. Are my expectations wrong? Is there any way to see the push events outside the jenkins ci to further narrow in on the issue?

I would like to get the pipeline to skip on gitlab or to pass the push_options back over http to jenkins so in the job there i can decide to skip.

Any suggestions are welcome.

I checked my logs and found a post_receive hook i think, which did seem to have received the data:

“time”: “2021-04-15T20:20:37.095Z”,
“severity”: “INFO”,
“duration_s”: 0.06541,
“db_duration_s”: 0.01152,
“view_duration_s”: 0.05389,
“status”: 200,
“method”: “POST”,
“path”: “/api/v4/internal/post_receive”,
“params”: [{
“key”: “changes”,
“value”: “b2f5290fa4a0b76b0e5f2762af7418697acce7eb 72b45c312cc9449bb84a1f0caa25baccd18fd5d2 refs/heads/test-branch\n”
}, {
“key”: “gl_repository”,
“value”: “project-13”
}, {
“key”: “identifier”,
“value”: “key-13”
}, {
“key”: “push_options”,
“value”: [“ci.skip”, “”]
“host”: “unix”,
“remote_ip”: “”,
“ua”: “gitaly/13.10.3”,
“route”: “/api/:version/internal/post_receive”,
“queue_duration_s”: 0.013736,
“redis_calls”: 11,
“redis_duration_s”: 0.011142,
“redis_read_bytes”: 519,
“redis_write_bytes”: 1460,
“redis_cache_calls”: 4,
“redis_cache_duration_s”: 0.001478,
“redis_cache_read_bytes”: 456,
“redis_cache_write_bytes”: 217,
“redis_queues_calls”: 2,
“redis_queues_duration_s”: 0.001617,
“redis_queues_read_bytes”: 60,
“redis_queues_write_bytes”: 1092,
“redis_shared_state_calls”: 5,
“redis_shared_state_duration_s”: 0.008047,
“redis_shared_state_read_bytes”: 3,
“redis_shared_state_write_bytes”: 151,
“db_count”: 8,
“db_write_count”: 0,
“db_cached_count”: 0,
“cpu_s”: 0.059061,
“mem_objects”: 16924,
“mem_bytes”: 1339240,
“mem_mallocs”: 3823,
“correlation_id”: “01F3BK2MGQ7W6AAF1X4XQQ2KRY”,
“meta.user”: “",
“meta.project”: "
“meta.root_namespace”: "
“meta.caller_id”: “/api/:version/internal/post_receive”,
“meta.remote_ip”: “”,
“meta.feature_category”: “source_code_management”,
“meta.client_id”: “user/43”,
“content_length”: “208”