GitLab Q2 2022 Hackathon coming up May 9th - 13th

:wave: Hello everyone!

The next GitLab hackathon will take place between the 9th and 12th of May.

Contributors need to submit their MR during the timeframe of the hackathon.

Here is what you need to know:

  • We are introducing 5 contribution areas for making it easier for everyone to contribute: Website, Security, Front-end, Back-end, and Documentation.
  • We have hand-picked a number of issues per each contribution area. Participants are encouraged to explore the issues available prior the Hackathon.
  • Prizes will be decided based on the points gathered in each contribution area.
  • Points are calculated based on whether an MR is contributing/closing an existing issue/epic.
  • New prizes will be introduced on the 9th of May.

You can find all the necessary details on the Hackathon’s page. or our event.

Please keep an eye on this post for updates and news.
Happy contributing!