Gitlab redmine integration

Hi, i am trying to integrate both via webhook, my Redmine is on a Rocker container.
With the redmine adresses i inserted in the gitlab redmine config, i get a new redmine tab on the gitlab left menu ( i mean this part If i click it it goes straight to my redmine webpage so i think the connection is correct.
The problem is when i try to close an redmine issue with a git commit nothing happens
would appreciate if someone can help me

Sorry if any problem with the english, it’s not my first language.

Please can you explain in detail what/where you configured the redmine connection? A complete integration including automatic issue status tracking is more as only configure the redmine instance somewhere. It is necessary to configure a few things in Gitlab and Redmine as well.

Issue status tracking with git commits is only working, if you have first a mirror of the repository reachable in redmine (for example with the redmine plugin GitRemote, add a webhook to call the rake task ‘fetch_changesets’ which is done always a push event is happen and if you add specific keywords and issue number ("#125 fixed") in your commit message. Possible keywords will be defined in the redmine configuration.

HowTo setup automatic refresh of repositories in Redmine on commit describe the integration from a more generic perspective.

I use the described approach and it is working well. The issues and repository history is up-to-date in real time.

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