Gitlab Registries for LXD

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I’m using gitlab-ce 13.10.3.
Is it possible to use a registry (container or package) to host LXD (LXC) images?

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Seems it isn’t possible. Only OCI images are storable using the Gitlab Container Registry. :man_shrugging:

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I’m not sure how an LXC/LXD registry exactly works, but probably it needs to store the images as tar archives.

Issue building an LXC container within a pipeline describes the building process, and the artifacts in the CI/CD pipeline.

Maybe you can combine the upload to using the generic package registry: GitLab Generic Packages Repository | GitLab and use that as a remote source for lxc commands.

Though, reading a bit more in the docs, it seems that LXD needs its own image servers, and streams with authentication, headers, etc. Linux Containers - LXD - Advanced guide That said, I think you are better with hosting your own image server, for example using GitHub - Avature/lxd-image-server: Creates, manages and mirrors a simplestreams lxd image server on top of nginx. - for the long term, please open a new feature proposal: :slight_smile:

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My choice is to add a remote image server:

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