GitLab repo when pushing to deploy branch automatically build and deploy to multiple Heroku apps

We are trying to move from GitHub to GitLab.

Our app is a monolith built on the MEAN stack.

Currently, we have > 50 Heroku apps tied to the “deploy” branch of our Github repo.

When we push to the deploy branch, Heroku triggers a build and once the build succeeds, Heroku deploys it to all of >50 Heroku instances.

I am looking for recommendations on how to achieve this same (or similar) behavior once we move our repo from GitHub to GitLab.

Heroku doesn’t have a first-class integration with GitLab as it does with GitHub.

I have researched GitLab Ci/CD pipelines and their examples and scoured the Interwebs for similar implementations and haven’t found anything matching our requirements.

TIA for your recommendations.

Would it be possible to setup the github repo as a remote to my newly imported gitlab repo?