Gitlab repositories location, double space?

Hello Gitlab community!

I have been using Gitlab CE for very long. Unfortunately, today I have a problem with the installation. After installation, I changed git_data_dir and lfs-objects to a different path, but the repositories still take up space on the disk where Gitlab is installed. The strange thing is that BOTH disks are taking up the same space (repository size + lfs)
Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong or what’s going on?
I didn’t make any links and didn’t mount any folders. The second disk where the repositories are supposed to be does not show up in Gitlab Monitor Info either

Can you explain exactly what you did? I’m assuming that you edited gitlab.rb and changed the paths, and that you then copied the contents of /var/opt/gitlab/git-data as well as /var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-rails/shared/lfs-objects to the location where you wanted it to be?

You said you didn’t mount the second disk? Although from what I am aware of you would have to mount this somewhere, for the git-data and lfs-objects to be stored on it.

The more info you provide the more helpful it will be, so step-by-step what you did would help us figure out what is wrong.

Thank you for the reply, I made standard configuration as in the manual.
I have found a solution. The problem was that my drive had NTFS filesystem. After changing to ext4 it works without any problem. I will leave this question here for other people :slight_smile:

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Yeah, NTFS would be a problem due to being unable to configure permissions.