GitLab Requirements Management tool

Hi, Does anyone have an update on the status/release dates of the GitLab Requirements Management tool?

"We are currently in the early stages of implementing Requirements Management within GitLab. We recognize that GitLab is in a unique position to deliver an integrated Requirements Management solution since linking to all aspects (version controlled files, test procedures, etc…) could be accomplished without the need for external tools. This would allow our solution to effectively link to all necessary artifacts within a single product offering."

Hi @amnonp,

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Requirements management currently has a status of Planned 2020.
This implies that the feature should have an MVC implemented in 2020, but no specific dates or timelines are mentioned.

Updates on implementing Requirements management can be found on the MVC epic here:

Hi Greg!

Any updates to this timeline? Is there somewhere that this timeline is being tracked and can be publicly viewed? I work in a software team of a medical device company and we BADLY need requirements management tools that are better than the existing ones we have to use (i.e. PTC Integrity). We already use GitLab as our code repository tool, and it would so great if requirements management is a native feature within GitLab. We’re considering customizing JIRA for this but then would require many plugins to interact with each other so a native experience would be much more ideal!

Hi @gitlab-greg ,
I concur @lindamxu note. RM system is a crucial component in the regulated space (Medical Devices, Life Sciences, Pharma etc…) Having a one stop shop for tractability and not integrating with separate system is a no brainer… any updates on the timeline?
Please advise - Thanks


The linked epic links an issue where you can subscribe. I can see that there’s progress targeting 2.8, including design drafts for the MVC.


Thanks for pinging me @amnonp @lindamxu , I completely understand why this is important and a priority for you.

@dnsmichi - thanks for the great reply! To expand on what he said a bit more:
I believe the issue here is the most accurate measure of when this feature’s MVC will be added to GitLab. Currently it has been assigned a milestone of 12.8, with GitLab 12.8 set to be released on Feb 22nd (02/22).

I encourage any GitLab community members interested in seeing this feature implemented ASAP to contribute to the conversation in the comments here: . Your feedback on this is valuable, and issue comments from our users can help prioritize getting a solution available that fits your needs.


@gitlab-greg Thanks for clarifying, I will take note for future responses :kissing_heart: