Gitlab review messages not visibles

I’m trying to perform a review but gitlab is really annoying me.

First the (french) accents éèà … are not shown in the code I’m reviewing.
And second, my comments are randomly not shown juste after I write them. They are visible in the discussion list but not in the commit view :confused:

I’m using GitLab Community Edition 12.5.3 in a docker environment

@nrbw Sorry you’re having trouble with reviewing on GitLab!

A few things…

First, I know its been a bit since you’ve posted, so it’s worth asking if you’re still seeing this problem or not.

For the missing french accents, I’d request you open an issue to document that for our site editor team.

I think this will be a long discussion if I can’t reply quickly either :wink:

We are a small team and are in the process of migrating to gitlab, so we don’t use it intensively. For the comment not shown part, I didn’t have time to do some more code review :frowning:

I had time to dig a little more, and the file encoding is CP1252. I’m not able to find the encoding of the git repository. I wanted to have more information before opening a bug, I think it may be related to some configuration hidden somewhere


I updated my gitlab to version 13.3.5-ce.0 yesterday and the accented problem is always here.