Gitlab + RSpec + VCR + Excon


I have a weird issue related to Gitlab + RSpec + VCR + Excon.
I created cassette with tests and locally it’s working very good (tests passed).

.gitlab-ci.yml has

    - bundle exec rspec

I am digging all day and that is what I noticed:

  • I have the same cassette both in local project and in Gitlab
  • I have different mocked responses locally and in Gitlab (I have part of body response)
  • it’s not related to my computer, cache etc. in other computer locally also works

Can’t find why I have different mockups in response ( I am using vcr: true in tests ), but the file is the same.
It looks like something is blocking a part of response.

If someone will have any idea what is going on please reply.

Finally I noticed it’s isn’t related to this cassette only to another gem (also has troubles in gitlab)