Gitlab runner 16.6.1 EOL

Hi Gitlab, I am using Gitlab runner 16.6.1. Can I check where do I get the information of EOL ? For this version , can I check is it EOL on 15th Feb 2024? If I have not upgraded, what issue will it cause other then the security patch is no longer valid? Thank you


From documentation:

Our current policy is:

  • Backporting bug fixes for only the current stable release at any given time - see patch releases below.
  • Backporting security fixes to the previous two monthly releases in addition to the current stable release. In some circumstances (outlined in security releases below) we may address a security vulnerability using the patch release process or regular monthly release process, that is, providing an update to the current stable release only, with no backports.

Since current stable release is 16.9, previous two month releases are 16.8 and 16.7. Therefore, yes, 16.6 ended with security patching on 15th Feb 2024 (basically after 16.9 came out). But, you have no issues whatsoever otherwise - you may continue to use it as long as you wish and upgrade when you’re ready :slight_smile:

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