Gitlab runner alpine image


I have a small question about the alpine image that is set in gitlab runner :

Where is the image located ?
I saw in my runner yaml instance :

buildImage: alpine

my idea is to change this image for a test with a custom Debian/booksworm image
I search in all my openshift platform but I cannot find this alpine image (in is or istag)

Very thanks for your help



Normally, all docker images by default come from Docker Hub. In this case, alpine probably comes from here.

thanks a lot for your reply
sure but what is hurts me it is that the value is only : alpine not for example
but i think it is a mistake from me because i saw that the command to pull alpine image it is just a docker pull alpine
i think you answer my question
very thanks a lot

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No problem. Docker image name consists of registry name + repository name (+tag) → you are perfectly correct here.

Now, the trick is the following - if you don’t specify registry name (eg., docker by default assumes docker hub, i.e. . So, docker pull alpine is actually shortcut for docker pull The same happens for any image stored directly on Docker Hub (e.g. ubuntu, node, python, etc)

Hope this clarifies the situation :smiley:

P.S. This is even mentioned somewhere in Docker Docs, but I cannot find the reference right now :confused:

yes you clarified very xell
thanks a lot

see you

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