Gitlab Runner - Executables built by Nexe are broken

I’m trying to use Nexe running in docker to build executables of my Node.Js application, but the executables are broken, when they are built by Gitlab Runner. I have tried building them inside Docker manually, and can confirm that the fault is because of Gitlab Runner. When i try to run an executable created by Gitlab Runner, it just exits instantly and outputs nothing to the console.
As a Docker image i’m using node:latest.
Here is my build script:
nexe main.js --target linux-x64-9.5.0 -o node_linux
if [ retcode != 0 ];then exit 1 fi nexe main.js --target mac-x64-9.9.0 -o node_macos retcode=?
if [ retcode != 0 ];then exit 1 fi nexe main.js --target windows-x64-9.9.0 -o node.exe retcode=?
if [ $retcode != 0 ];then
exit 1
mkdir dist
mv node_linux dist/node_linux
mv node_macos dist/node_macos
mv node.exe dist/node.exe

This is often the case when you build executables with gcc, and run it on a docker platform shipping Musl, such as Alpine Linux.

Try to run your executable on a debian based node.js image, it might work better