Gitlab runner in a private network with openstack

I have sucessfully setup the runners to autoscale following the documentation on the website on an openstack plateform. But now I would like to run them in a private network using a docker repository proxy.

butthe setting openstack-net-name only allow one network to be used and i can’t set the node to use the external network as well which is useful to retrieve some dependencies. Any idea how to do it?

Ideally something like openstack=gitlab-private-network,Ext-Net would be the best (where Ext-Net is the external network access). Any idea how to do it?

First, :+1: for openstack. Love it.

Secondly, I think this may have to be something you will need to figure out on the openstack networking side. I assume the autoscaling functionality (I haven’t looked deeply into it) will only allow one port to be created/connected per VM. So you will have to have your “docker repository proxy” (which I assume is a pull through docker registry) on the same network that your autoscaling runners are using.